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Nottingham Architects: How to find the right one to fit your needs

If you’re looking for an architect in the Nottingham area, there are a few things to consider before you get started. Here’s Zidouri Architecture’s guide to finding the best Nottingham architects

Finding the best architect in Nottingham doesn't have to be difficult
Finding the best architect in Nottingham doesn't have to be difficult

If you want to build your dream home or bring it fully to life with an extension or renovation, you need to find the right architecture to fully shape your ideas.

How to find the right architect in Nottingham?

If you need to quickly and professionally discuss your architectural needs right now, Zidouri Architecture has provided three options which we believe will be able to help you on your journey to finding the best architecture firms in Nottingham.

Our options for you include:

What do you need to know when searching for an architect?

Here are six things to keep in mind when searching for an architect:

1. Experience

Experience is important because it helps you establish trust in the architect that you’re hiring to fulfil your needs.

It’s also important because, with an experienced architect or architectural film, you will be able to view their portfolio of work and decide if it chimes with what you want for your design.

Ahmed Zidouri, founder of Zidouri Architecture

2. Type of architectural needs/designs you’re looking for

Before you go off on the hunt for an architect or architectural firm, it’s worth sitting down and thinking about what your own needs are, as this can greatly affect the type of professional you hire.

Do you want your design to be contemporary and minimal? Or more classic?

Similarly, do you prioritise sustainability, economy of size, or environmental factors in terms of your needs?

Even if you don’t have a firm idea about these different types of architecture that your design requires, it’s worth looking for an architectural firm that will be able to provide a consultation and help focus your requirements.

3. Communication

Architectural projects are massive undertakings, so it’s important to look for an architect or architectural firm which will communicate with you right throughout the process.

You should also hire someone who you feel you can communicate with easily, and who understands your needs, rather than just their own.

4. Budget

Budgeting and financing are a big part of the decision-making process when it comes to choosing an architect. Each architectural project is very different - which means that the budget for every undertaking can vary.

If you want to find out about pricing, you can consult with good architecture firms to get a firmer idea of what it might cost you.

5. Local

It’s more important than you think to look for good, local firms when searching for an architect.

Local architecture firms will understand local issues related to planning applications and building regulations for an area. They’ll also have a wealth of knowledge about sourcing the right materials, understanding the clientele they’re working with, and making sure the communication avenues remain open.

6. Online Presence

In today’s online world, first impressions are often key.

Architectural projects are incredibly demanding jobs - and customers require certain assurances when they’re buying from a firm, so you’ll always want to go with a firm that is able to proudly display their finished work on their website or social channels.

Best ranking Nottingham Architects

Nottingham has a rich history of beautiful architecture which Zidouri Architecture proudly takes inspiration from.

Here are some of Nottingham’s best-ranking architects, from the past right up to the present day:

T C Hine

Probably Nottingham’s best-known architect, Hine built some of the city's most famous buildings during the height of the Victorian era. He is remembered for the likes of the Great Northern Station and the Birkin Building.

Watson Fothergill

Operating in the East Midlands in the late 19th and early 20th Centuries, Watson Fothergill designed over 100 buildings, many of which are famous throughout Nottingham - and which have left their mark on our architectural heritage.

Nottingham architecture Watson Fothergill
One of Nottingham's most beautiful buildings, designed by Watson Fothergill

Caruso St John Architects

Although not based in Nottingham, Caruso St John Architects are responsible for one of the city’s best modern-day architectural achievements. The firm designed the Nottingham Contemporary Arts Centre, which is the latest jewel in Nottingham’s multifaceted architectural crown.

If you need help with your architecture needs, Call Zidouri Architecture or book a consultation with us now, by clicking here.

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