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HMO Nottingham

A closer look into the details of a HMO conversion and some of our recent projects

HMO Conversions | Our Guide

As a developer, whether you are working with an existing property or new-built, your goal will be to get the maximum return on investment for your project. HMO conversions are usually the best option to go for.

Here at Zidouri Architecture we have thorough experience in HMO conversion projects. Whether you’re a thinking of dividing an existing property you own or looking to build one from scratch, we’re on hand to assist you through each step the process.

But why choose us?

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We’re proud to offer excellent value for money for our services, at no expense to our quality and attention to detail.

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We offer a 72 hour priority service for clients conscious about the turnaround of their project

hmo architect


We are connected to trusted builders that have completed hundreds of home extensions so you can rest easy when building begins.

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Quality and attention to detail is our number 1 priority when completing any project.

Who will guide us through the process?

Our head Architect designer will be with you every step of the way. We understand that each client has a different level of understanding of the applications and processes involved in building a HMO, so we make it our top priority for you to feel comfortable throughout the journey.

hmo conversion architects
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So, what are the benefits of a

HMO Conversion?

home extension projects


Rather than put down a huge deposit on a new home, expand your existing home.

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Add Value

Home extensions are a great way of adding value to your home’s worth! It will absolutely raise the market worth of the home

home extension projects


Add your Personal touch to your existing home, by adding a space you truly need.

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Sometimes, it's just time for a refresh. Whether for your state of mind or just if its time for a change.

I have some Questions!

What are building regulations?

Building Regulations are minimum standards for design, construction and alterations to buildings in the UK. Any project you undertake must adhere to them. As a property owner or contractor, it is your responsibility to ensure that a building project meets Building Regulations so that your building is safe, structurally sound, water and energy efficient for its users, and also ensures that it is built in a way that allows access for people with disabilities.

What is Planning permission?

Planning Permission, in simple terms, is like asking your local authority council if you can do a certain piece of building work. It will be granted (possibly subject to certain conditions) or refused.

Do i need both building regulations and planning permission for my project?

Yes. In most, but not all cases, a proposed development could require both planning permission and building regulation approval. In these circumstances you would have to make two separate applications, including paying two separate fees, to have your applications considered.

Can my application be rejected?

Yes, this could be the case usually the most hard-lined reason for refusal is that the proposal fundamentally conflicts with either national or local planning policy, or both. Our Architect will advise you on whether they believe the application will be refused.

Do i have to find my own builder?

You are open to look for your own third party builder to take control of the construction of your extension, although we are connected to builders we trust and have worked with in the past. We can connect you at no extra charge.

What are the costs of each part of the process?

Here at Zidouri Architecture we like to give one price for the entire process so all will be included in one price.

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Slide to explore our House extension Project cases.

So, are you ready to build

your dream home?

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