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Meet the Team

Who we are in a snapshot...


With a breadth of experience, led by innovative designer Ahmed, Zidouri architecture specialises in residential architecture projects. Crafting a dream project from start to finish, we are adamant on ensuring we exceed every project’s expectation to create the perfect home. Our design process is grounded in listening, to ensure we include every necessary detail. Let’s get started!

We are the perfect architecture studio for home owners looking to make a change. Combining our breadth of knowledge in exterior and interior design, our quest is to deliver a blend of contemporary and traditional styled new builds for homeowners like yourself. Unlike traditional firms, all our projects are headed by our lead designer for which you will have direct contact with during the entire process. Our aim is to take the pain points away from your home and build a space perfect for you.

A closer look into the amazing people behind Zidouri Architecture

Nottingham Architect

Ahmed Zidouri

Head Architectural Designer

A little about me...


My journey started in Sweden where I was born. Fascinated by buildings from a very young age, I would often ask my father on long walks through the snowy Scandinavian landscape of Sweden ‘Dad, who built that’. My father was patient enough to explain it was a mixture of architects and construction workers even after I had asked him the same question at least 13 times on each walk. The next step of my journey was my spellbound obsession with Legos, crafting landscapes and buildings every day until my mother lost patience with the vast sea of Lego pieces across her living room. Fast forward to my education, I studied at the University of Nottingham and worked for multiple architectural firms after finishing my studies. I felt trapped to express my full design charm as the work did not allow me to take on a project from start to finish. I was motivated to start my own design studio 3 years ago and Zidouri architecture was born.

So, are you ready to build your dream home?

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